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Gridiron Gumshoe

My Life in and out of the NFL Films’ Vault

Author Ace Cacchiotti’s Gridiron Gumshoe: My life in and out of the NFL Films’ Vault is a Pro Football Fanatics’ guide to Cacchiotti’s literal life working with the most accomplished producers who have lent their artistic values to all that follow the game and who live vicariously through one who contributed to the company by “paying attention to detail and finishing like a Pro”.

From young Steve Sabol’s “They Called it Pro Football” produced in 1967, to “Joe and the Magic Bean” again written and produced by Steve in 1976, “75 Seasons: The Story of the National Football League” in 1994 to “America’s Game” from 2005 up to the late NFL Films’ President’s tribute: Steve Sabol, “The Guts and Glory of Pro Football” on February 12th of this year, the game of Pro Football is watched by hundreds of millions through the camera as eye. This glorious moment captured and recorded is without a doubt the measuring stick for all others when it comes to capturing passion in and on any field.

Cacchiotti was given a wonderful opportunity to express himself through many productions he had handled;  and by doing so left a legacy with not only his peers but also with his late loving boss, Steve Sabol. Through this book he hopes readers will be able to experience the most rewarding Pro Football Journey.